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Gonna put this under a readmore when I’m off tumblr mobile~~

So for the first time in my adult life (since going to one as a 9 year old doesn’t count) I’ve been invited to a Halloween party!! You guys will be all ‘Eh, you seen one, you seen ‘em all’ and 99% of the time I would agree. Except that this one is at The Butterfly Club, the cabaret/burlesque club in the city!! So not only are there going to be a bunch of the more… eccentric types there, but the costumes are going to be AMAZING!!

So after a lot of research (seriously, you can go to Halloween parties as INNANIMATE OBJECTS that is too many options!!) I’ve decided to go as a jester :D and because the target audience for spooky parties is 6-12 year olds, I’ve gotta make the outfit myself. I’m gonna bring a few things for simple tricks (party crackers, bubble mix, a string of hankies) but since you’ve read this all the way to the end (well done you! have a cookie!) do you think part of my costume should also include bad puns? My ATD says it would be ironic and I should totally include it. What say you?


Still not over the fact that LaFerry are canonically Laura’s nannies. Madame Perrodon and Mademoiselle De LaFountaine. Live in nannies.

They are literally her moms. They live with her. And mom her. And come with a glass of milk when she calls in terror of the lurking lesbian nightmares.


So the new Ep of Carmilla may be short, but this series of Q & A vids with Sharon definitely isn’t. Here’s part 1 of…some.

There was a lot of gin involved in the making of this